Friends Are Benefits

by Mike LeRoy



They don't call it "falling" in love for nothing...
"Friends Are Benefits" is the story of a discovery, Relationships are important, but in the end your friends will always love you and be there for you. The album is meant to be listened to all at once, so please at least try to do so once! Thank you for listening, and enjoy. -Michael LeRoy

Album cover by the awesome Ted Lauterbach!


released December 1, 2014

Words and Music by Michael LeRoy



all rights reserved


Mike LeRoy Clifton Park, New York

I'm Mike LeRoy, a 20 year old musician from New York.
I record my music in my basement studio, I play all the instruments and produce myself. My influences are Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and The Beatles.

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Track Name: On My Own
You said goodbye yesterday.
I didn't know what to do, so I followed you away.
You didn't hear me say, will I see you again?
There was a tear in my eye and a clenched up fist in my hand.
I was losing a friend.

Is this your life, or is it mine?
How can you expect me to be fine?
Life without you's just not the same.
I just have to hear you call my name.

I accepted my fate, you had flown away...
You were in another state.
My love had come too late.
Couldn't go on anymore, so I picked up the phone,
Told you what I had in store...
We could be much more.

I was lonely, but now you're mine.
I was sad but now I'm feelin' fine.
It's so amazing to hear you say,
You'll think about me every single day.
Track Name: Davi
I could feel it in the air... See it in your flowing hair,
You were meant for me.
From the sparkle in your eye, to the sorrow in your cry...
I knew you needed me.


Three-Thousand Miles away, and I swear I could hear you say
You fell in love with me.
So we looked up at the moon and we both knew someday soon
You'd be back with me.


Everyday and every night, you made me feel alright..
A true love at first sight.
Track Name: Love and Lies
You called me up to let me know
The way that things were gonna go.
Only lovers tell you lies,
It's only true until it dies.

I guess you like him more than me, He's the one you'd rather see.
Just tell me how you really feel! I've gotta know if this thing we've got is real!

I guess you liked him more than me, whacha doin? Go be free! Be free of me.
Track Name: Tears
Yesterday morning my love was alive and well,
but now I woke up in the world I knew as hell.
I don;t know what has happened to the love I once had.
Why did you leave me here? Things that I held so dear falling from me like tears...

Yesterday morning my future looked so bright... but now the darkness leaves nothing left in sight...
Track Name: Living in 8-Bits
I'm running in circles with nowhere to hide.
You've put me on trial for things in my mind.
I'm living in 8-bits, I'm living a dream.
I'm searching for new life, strange as it may seem.

I'm walking on water, I'm floating through air...
I've only got one life, but I don't even care.
Track Name: I Don't Understand
I'll take a look into your mind,
and try to fix the pieces I can find.
You say you're looking for a friend.
To see if a broken heart can truly mend.

Tell me all your secrets, I'll keep them if I can.
Just don't say that I don't understand.

I felt the same way you felt now,
how I made it through... I don't know how...
Did she ever care for you?
Clearly, not enough to see it through.

Tell me all your secrets, I'll keep them if I can.
Just don't say that I don't understand.
Track Name: She Loved Me
When my eyes meet you my mind is in bliss.
I still can't imagine what it'd be to kiss...
But when you're not looking, your heart's turned away...
I can't see mine beating for another day.

She loved me, and I finally know that it's true.
She loved me, in the same way I used to love you.
She used to love me, she used to love you...
but now she loves him and I know that it's true.

When you are with him my heart fills with pain,
I feel like a flower that's wishing for rain...
When you talk 'bout him my breath goes away...
The sound is so pretty don't care what you say.
Track Name: Be How It Be
I called up everyone I knew, trying to find someone to replace you.
It's not so simple, it seems.
That when it comes to you and me, I guess it's not to hard to see that'll be how it be.

I gave you all the love I had... I really don't know how this all went bad.
It's not so simple it seems...
Well, if I have to start again and treat you like you're just a frien-- wait NO WAY BABY GET BACK. HERE WE GO.
Track Name: It's You
When I was down you were there to help me out.
My guiding light when my mind was full of doubt.
It's you.

You needed me and you know I needed you.
All of the love that you gave, I'll give it to you.

When you close your eyes and rest your head at night,
Tears will fill mine until the morning light.
When I'm without you, can't see another way,
Hoping that you fall in love someday.